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Saving one

kitten at a time

What are we all about? We're on a mission to help neonatal kittens in need.

We created these handy guides for other neonatal foster carers out there.

See which of our kittens are waiting to find their forever home.

About Us

Founded by Veterinary nurse, Jasmin Paul, The Kitten Nursery Australia is both an educational initiative and fostering project with a mission to help provide the highest level of care for neonatal kittens. 

How We Operate

Before finding their forever homes, we take neonatal kittens into care and provide them with the love and support they need to get the best start in life. 


Are you looking to adopt a kitten in Perth?  If you think you could provide a loving home for one or more of our kittens, please fill out our adoption enquiry form.


We want to support other industry professionals &  neonatal kitten foster carers in Perth by providing them with our free educational resources & tools.



Get the latest news and information about TKNA, our kittens in care in Perth and handy kitten fostering tips from the blog. 


Want to learn more about caring for neonatal kittens? Sign up to one of our upcoming events or workshops below.


Help save neonatal kittens' lives by directly donating to our cause, adopting a kitten in need, donating supplies & products or enquiring with us to see how you can help.

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About TKNA

The Kitten Nursery Australia is both a fostering project & educational initiative dedicated to saving the lives of neonatal kittens (those aged 3 weeks & less).

Connect with us
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