Advertising for Adoption

How to advertise your foster kittens for adoption

The first thing in advertising for adoption, is that there is no such thing as over advertising! The more places you advertise, the higher likelihood of you finding your kitten a perfect home. These places include social media, Gumtree, local newspapers, and even the old school notice boards.


Contacting your local pet shops and vets, and checking whether you can advertise at their locations is also a great idea. Now, you may be thinking that places like Gumtree and social media may attract the wrong kind of home, however you do not need to say yes to the first person who applies for the kitten; you simply need to spread the word! In fact, we highly encourage you be as diligent and as thorough as you can be when scouting/sorting through your list of adopters. 

Another important aspect of advertising, is taking high quality photographs of your kittens. People are more likely to feel an emotional connection to a kitten if you take focused, well lit photos which showcases the whole kitten. You can usually achieve this with most new smartphones, or alternatively, find someone that has a camera who would be happy to take some photos for you. The more photos the better!

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