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Keep them feeling warm, cosy & loved

Have a question or not too sure whether you're ready to become a kitten foster carer? We're here to help and are only a click of a button away - send us your questions or have a chat with us here.

This heating pad is great at providing a heat source 15-20 degrees Celsius above room temperature. It should always be used under a blanket to prevent overheating. The heating pad is also fitted with a cut-off switch which limits the surface temperature of the pad, preventing excessively high temperatures.

The snuggle kitty/puppy comes with a heat pack and a device that mimics a heartbeat. This is very helpful for soothing orphaned kittens, as it closely resembles a mum cat.

This microwavable heating pad lasts up to 8 hours, which is perfect for travelling.

Soft fleece baby blankets are both warm and comfortable for neonates.

This cat igloo is perfect for kittens to hide in and feel secure

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