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Our recommended feeding products

These products have been tried and tested by TKNA. Bottle feeding neonatal kittens can be a difficult and sometimes stressful process, however we hope these recommendations make life easier for you and your kitten. If you have a question about these products, please contact us.

A syringe teat perfect for feeding neonatal kittens 2 weeks and less. We use 3ml, 5ml & 10ml syringes with the Miracle Nipple mini for all our neonates as they allow you to accurately measure the amount of formula consumed for each feed.

A small rubber teat that fits onto the Wombaroo feeding bottle, its small size is easy for neonates to transition from syringe feeding to bottle feeding.

The Wombaroo 120ml bottle is a cheap, reusable feeding bottle great for small kittens.

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