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How to become a kitten foster carer

Are you wanting to become a kitten foster carer? Learn about what's involved in this physically, emotionally and financially demanding task, as well as how you can start saving kittens today!

1. What is a foster carer?

A foster carer is someone who cares for kittens temporarily until they are ready to go to their forever home. They help provide food, shelter, love and socialisation while a kitten is in their care.

2. Am I ready to become a kitten foster carer?

It's important to understand that fostering isn’t all about cute kittens. In fact, it can be quite physically, emotionally and financially demanding.


As a kitten foster carer, it's essential you can provide a calm home for your kittens and a safe place where they can have positive experiences. If you have young children, infants or a busy household, fostering may not be the right path for you - no matter how much you want to help.


Neonatal kittens often require a lot of attention and frequent feeding. If you work full time this may become difficult. Consider whether you are able to bring them to work with you, and if not, you may want to foster fully weaned kittens who can stay at home while you work.

3. Finding a support network

Now that you've decided to foster kittens, and fully understand your responsibilities, it's time to start developing a good support network. Fostering through a rescue organisation is a great start at establishing financial support, as preventative care, sterilisation, and any emergency medical bills are usually covered by the rescue. You can view our list of recommended rescues here.


Having an understanding group of friends and family is also important in establishing support as these are usually the people closest to you and can support you when you're feeling tired, stressed or emotionally drained from the fostering process. 

4. Finding your first kittens

So you've decided to start fostering kittens! Now it’s time to find some kittens to save. Signing up to your local rescue group (such as TKNA) as a foster carer is a great start. You can also contact your local vet practice or pound if you would like to foster privately. Fostering kittens through a rescue group is a more affordable fostering pathway and it's often easier to find homes for the kittens. This is because established rescues can advertise to a larger group of people, and sometimes have waitlists for owners who are looking to adopt.

5. Not ready to become a kitten foster carer?

If you feel you're not quite ready to become a kitten foster carer for whatever reason, don't be discouraged! If you're passionate about helping kittens and aren't in the position to foster, here's some ways you can still contribute: 

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