Litter Training

How to litter train your kitten 

Kittens are instinctively drawn to using a litter tray at about 3 weeks of age, so this is the perfect time to introduce one. Using a very shallow litter tray so they can easily step in and out will encourage them to toilet in there. Sometimes kittens still need to be stimulated to toilet, so toileting them in the litter tray will also help them understand how to start using the tray.


It's vital to also use a kitten safe litter. A paper based, non-clumping litter is perfect in case the kittens ingest some of the litter, as it can easily pass through without causing complications. Frequent cleaning of the litter tray is important to help encourage them to keep using the tray, and also to keep their environment clean and healthy (as well as help with the smell!) The litter tray should be cleaned at least once a day.

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