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Essential kitten medical supplies 

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A gentle oatmeal based shampoo perfect to wash kittens with.

Used in the treatment of ringworm.

Colostrum supplement for newborn kittens to help supply them with vital antibodies that they would usually receive from their mother.

Used to help treat constipation in kittens.

Used for subcutaneous administration in dehydrated kittens.

Kitten safe worming liquid.

Flea treatment spray safe for kittens as young as 2 days.

Pheromone spray which helps calms kittens (and adult cats!)

For hypoglycemic kittens.

Used for tube feeding kittens.

To help soothe kitten’s skin in the case of urine/faecal scolding

A high energy vitamin supplement for underweight kittens (make sure to read instructions and correct dosage before use).

An allwormer tablet for kittens over 500g and from 6 weeks of age.

Spot on flea treatment safe for kittens from birth.

Used to stimulate toileting in neonates

To easily administer subcutaneous fluids to dehydrated kittens.

A probiotic powder to help reintroduce healthy gut bacteria when a kitten is on antibiotics or suffering from GIT issues such as diarrhoea (read instructions for correct dosage).

An oral rehydration therapy containing a balanced mixture of glucose, glycine and electrolytes with the added advantage of being a non-antibiotic oral supportive treatment.

Used for checking a kitten’s temperature, especially to determine whether they are hypothermic or hyperthermic).

This is definitely an expensive piece of equipment, however, it is perfect for housing neonates as you can control the temperature and humidity. It also comes with an optional nebuliser which can help treat kittens with upper respiratory infections.

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