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Welcome little Stevie Wonder to the TKNA family.

We're pleased to welcome a very special little kitty to the TKNA family... baby Stevie!

This special little guy is named after Stevie Wonder because he's mostly blind. At only 8 weeks old, Stevie was handed into a Vet clinic severely malnourished, very lethargic and unwell. He received 24 hour care for two days, and he slowly improved, however it was discovered he had cataracts in both eyes.

Stevie is still very weak and severely underweight, but so far he is eating and toileting (with a little bit of assistance until he becomes familiar with his surroundings). He is also one of the most gentle, sweet and cuddly kittens we have ever met, especially as it seems he has been living on the streets for most of his life!

Our resident therapy cat Luna was quick to make an impression, and we are sure she will provide a lot of much needed comfort to baby Stevie.

He will be having a full Vet work up tomorrow to determine his treatment plan and whether he may be needing cataract surgery in the near future.

Is Stevie up for adoption?

Unfortunately, until Stevie is in a more stable condition, we won't be accepting adoption applications for him yet. However you can follow his story for more updates on both our Instagram and Facebook pages.

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The Kitten Nursery Australia is both a fostering project & educational initiative dedicated to saving the lives of neonatal kittens (those aged 3 weeks & less).

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