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New Fosters: Welcome Maya & Zora

Today we were asked to take in Maya (1 day old) and Zora (1 week old) as they were found in an area with a huge feral cat population, and of course we said yes! These first 48 hours will be critical, especially for newborn Maya, but both babies seem healthy and are feeding well. These 2 girls are named after strong, influential women.

These orphaned babies are such a good example of why we need to sterilise our cats! The first step in saving kittens like Maya and Zora, is responsible cat ownership. By sterilising, you are reducing the number of unwanted and orphaned kittens in your community, which ultimately helps reduce the number of stray kittens on the streets.

If you would like to help support these babies, please donate to our GoFundMe account or transfer directly to our Bank Account: The Kitten Nursery Australia BSB:063 097 Account No: 2470 3209

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The Kitten Nursery Australia is both a fostering project & educational initiative dedicated to saving the lives of neonatal kittens (those aged 3 weeks & less).

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