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Reflecting on Workshop 1: Neonatal Kittens for Beginners

Earlier this month, we held our first ever workshop: Neonatal Kittens for Beginners. We were so excited to host this event to help teach other carers in Perth the ins and outs of caring for this vulnerable population.

Neonatal kittens (those less than 3 weeks old) have a variety of special care requirements, and it takes someone with experience, patience and persistence to successfully raise these babies. But what do you do if you don't have experience? Well that's exactly why we started these workshops. By training more people on how to appropriately care for neonates, more lives can be saved!

Workshop 1 Summary:

Here at TKNA, we strongly believe every kitten should be given the best chance in life. Unfortunately, there's a lot of misinformation out there about not only how to care for neonates, but also what you should do if you find stray or abandoned kittens (with or without mum).

In addition to addressing the point above, Workshop 1 (Neonatal Kittens for Beginners) covered these 6 important points:

  1. Intro to neonatal kittens & whether you're ready to foster

  2. Kitten developmental stages

  3. Weaning & how to do it safely

  4. Getting started fostering neonates

  5. Kitten assessment including age, sex, weight & health

  6. How you can help this vulnerable population

If you'd like to join us at our next neonatal workshop, please sign up on our events page.

Not sure whether you're ready to dive in?

We also run free (or by donation) Info Sessions which will help you determine whether you're a) ready to foster kittens,

b) ready to foster neonates or

c) how you can help if you can't foster just yet.

You can sign up for our "Become a Neonatal Kitten Carer - Info Session" here.

Some photos from Workshop 1:

Thank you again to everyone who came along to workshop 1. It was a pleasure to meet you all - we're so grateful for the amazing work you do (and will do) for neonates in need!

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The Kitten Nursery Australia is both a fostering project & educational initiative dedicated to saving the lives of neonatal kittens (those aged 3 weeks & less).

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