Toileting Neonates

The importance of toileting your neonatal kittens

Kittens are unable to go to the toilet by themselves until about 3 weeks of age. Their mother would usually lick their genital area to stimulate urination and defecation, so the carer must mimic that stimulation. Using a damp swab or tissues, gently wipe the area and only stop once the kitten has finished urinating and defecating. For neonatal kittens this needs to be done at every feed.

It's important to also record their toileting, and note down any abnormalities. Urination should occur at every feed and be a pale yellow colour. Neonates defecate 1-2 times a day and it should be well formed and a mustard yellow colour. After toileting, wipe down the kittens genital area with a gentle unscented baby wipe to prevent urine/faecal scolding on their sensitive skin. If you notice they are suffering from scalding, apply a gentle cream such as natural paw paw to help soothe the area.

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